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Julia Gamble

Assistant Professor

Department of Anthropology, University of Manitoba

PhD, University of Manitoba

MA, University of Sheffield


Dr. Gamble's research takes a life course approach to the investigation of past health.  She is interested in understanding the interactions between early life experiences (as represented by periods of developmental disruption captured in dental enamel) and later life health (as seen in human skeletal remains). This investigation incorporates a microscopic approach, as well as virtual recording. She is also interested in a contextual approach to all of her work, and to understanding diverse aspects of population health through different methodologies. 


Recently taught courses include Human Osteology, Evolution and Human Diversity, Human Evolution, Growth, development & plasticity in human health, Advanced Practicum in Tools, Techniques & Interpretation in Biological Anthropology and Archaeology


(204) 474-6328

438 Fletcher Argue

15 Chancellors Circle, Winnipeg, MB, R3T 2N2

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