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Stefanie Brueckner

Assistant Professor

Department of Earth Sciences, University of Manitoba


PhD, Memorial University (2016), Geology


Brueckner's research group focuses on (metamorphosed) hydrothermal mineral deposits that were formed from relatively hot, metal-bearing fluids circulating through Earth’s crust. They focus in particular on precious metals gold and silver and various critical metals (e.g., Bi, Co, Sb, Se, Te, V) since they play an essential role in various green, medical and communication technologies and have an increasing global demand in our ever-changing society. Their goal is to understand the transport conditions, deposition mechanisms, ore and alteration assemblage, and source region of the investigated metals for different hydrothermal deposit types (e.g., VMS, epithermal, orogenic gold). They also investigate the role of metamorphism on metal enrichment in hydrothermal mineral deposits, since many mineral deposits are metamorphosed. They use a multi-faceted approach that includes field methods (e.g., core logging, mapping), microscopy and micro-analytical tools to better understand ore-forming processes and the role of metamorphism. Brueckner works closely with industry partners, other academic units nationally and internationally, and the government (e.g., Geological Survey).


Recently taught courses include Natural Disasters, Energy and Mineral Resources, Economic Geology, and Advanced Economic Geology


(204) 474-7266

232 Wallace Building
125 Dysart Road, Winnipeg, MB, R3T 2N2

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